Tuesday, September 25, 2007

So...Welp. Hale is out of town. She left this morning to go down to her folks' house in Marinette. They recently sold their home of 30 years and will benefit from her help in cleaning and organizing.
I'm left in Marquette to "bach" (pronounced batch). What to do? I no longer know how to be bach, so I think I'll just stick with what I do know how to do. Bike, clean the house, and drink beer. What a life! ;-)
It's fascinating how our lives have come to revolve so keenly around one another. I love you, Hale!
Here'a a picture from my UN 100 class hike. We went up Sugarloaf this morning and came across some cool scenery. This photo is from the top, looking out towards Presque Isle and Middle Island. You can see Middle Island, but not Presque. The fog was awesome!

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