Thursday, September 20, 2007

A while ago Rebecca told us about a time when she was a kid and her friend accidentally sliced her leg open with the lid of a "tin" can that was in the trash. Blood was everywhere! Rebecca sprung into action and applied pressure to the wound and called a neighbor who brought her friend to the hospital. (That's the gist of the story). Well, I always remember it when I'm tossing a can in the I going to slice something open with the sharp edge?

Well, last month in Real Simple they outlined the best can openers. I can't remember which one was the good one. But I tried to remember because our old can opener was crapping out. Last Sunday Bill and I were picking up laundry detergent and a few other things at Target and he remembered our crappy can opener. At first I saw a $4.99 one. A typical run of the mill can opener. Red handle, would do the trick. Well, we kept walking down the kitchen section, checking out the features on the other can openers, all seemed to be working the same. I got distracted in the aisles of Target and wandered towards the clearance items while Bill kept with the can openers. Lo and behold! He found a special can opener that can go in the dishwasher and is "safe"!

I checked out the package, gave it a few twirls and said sure! So $14.99 later we have a new can opener. AND after opening the can you can run your finger along the edge of the lid and on the edge of the can and neither are sharp! Oh! and there is a special grabber that actually takes the lid off so you don't have to get your fingers slimy with pizza sauce or whatever you are opening! I think you can click on the picture and see it close up.

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Rebecca said...


Thank you for thinking safety over cost. I can still visualize the splattering blood all over the kitchen floor.

- Rebecca