Monday, November 19, 2007

Turkey Leftovers
I baked a turkey a week ago...or so. I tried to space it out enough so that we wouldn't be turkey'd out before Thanksgiving.

We haven't had totally elaborate leftovers, but here are a couple:

Turkey Broccoli Casserole
Broccoli - enough to cover the bottom of a 9x9 pan

Leftover Turkey - chunked into bite-size pieces
1 can cream of _______ soup. Fill in the blank with whatever you have around (celery, asparagus, broccoli, chicken, mushroom). I used reduced sodium cream of chicken.
8 oz. sour cream. I used reduced fat and it worked fine.
Salt and pepper

In a greased 9x9 pan or whatever size you want, layer broccoli (cooked) and turkey. Stir together the cream of ____ soup and sour cream. Spoon moxture over the turkey. Shred cheddar on the top. **You may also want to put some breadcrubs on it. I didn't have any around so I didn't.
Bake at 350 degrees uncovered for 30 minutes. Season to taste.

Delicious Turkey Sandwich
2 slices bread, buttered on one side (like grilled cheese)
Turkey slices
Sharp cheddar slices
Mayo and Dijon mustard
Dried cranberries

Mix the mustard, mayo and cranberries in a bowl and spread on a slice of the bread.
Heat a non-stick pan, place one slice of bread butter side down in the pan, layer in order cheese, turkey, other sliced bread with the sauce. Place a plate on the sandwich to weigh it down. Cook like grilled cheese until the cheddar is melty.

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Ally said...

I'm still eating turkey and loving it. It's so much better than sliced deli turkey meat.