Friday, January 04, 2008

HOLY CRAP!!! I'm totally star-struck. Today at lunch I got a call from Jean Chatzky's radio show!!!!!!! Here's how it went...

Phone rings with a 312 area code.

Bill says: It's probably Nick.

Haley: Hello?

Girl: Hi, Haley? We're going to put you on with Jean Chatzky.

Haley: (HOLY SHIT! OH MY GOSH) Right now?

Girl: Yes

I run to the kitchen, grab a piece of paper so I can write my notes on what to ask. Bill runs and finds a pen. I try to write stuff down as I hear Jean and her friend talking in the background about Hayward, WI. I can only remember parts of the numbers like 12, what does 12 mean? Oh crap!!! What am I going to ask!!! Holy Crap!!!

I manage to write a few things down...12 meaning 12% is what NMU puts towards our retirement. Student loans, mortgage, tax refund, etc. FREAKING OUT, I run upstairs and as I'm on the stairs they begin talking about me...

Her friend: I can tell by the area code of the next caller that they are in my neighborhood in the Upper Peninsula. Gab gab gab, Mackinaw Island Fudge, yadda yadda yadda...

Jean: Hi Haley, we've been talking about where we like to go on vacation and he just mentioned Mackinaw and the fudge they make there...Is it really the best fudge?

Haley: Mmmhmmm yeah, it is delicious. (wanting to say something about packing the fudge)

Jean: I wonder what Atlantic City would say...So, Haley, what can I help you with today?

Haley: Well, my husband and I are wondering what we should do with our tax return.

Jean: You mean refund?

Haley: Um yes. (Stupid, stupid)

I was so star struck and excited that I can't even remember what else we talked about. I tried to sound intelligent and clear, but I totally stuttered and mumbeled my way through it.

I'm not sure when it will be airing on Oprah and Friends Channel 156, but let me tell you, I'm going to be listening every single day until it is!!!!

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