Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Last night we went grocery shopping at Econo. We only had a few things on our list so we grabbed a basket and began our trek through the store. First we grabbed some bananas next we were heading around by the deli towards the dairy section. All of the sudden the lights flickered and then it was dark! They popped on and then off again and then stayed off. There were a few generated lights that allowed us to see that there were people in front of us, so we decided to continue shopping. Picked up some eggs, frozen bagels, and were trying to read the flavors of the soup that we wanted when a store employee directed us to the front of the store.

Bill thought it might be terror related. : ) I told him that this is probably one of the best places to be if it was.

As we stood at the front of the store we heard other people talking about what they were going to do. Some continued shopping, others stood in line at the checkout, others abandoned their carts in the middle of the aisles. There were a few people whose carts were FULL. What a bummer to have to either wait or abandon them! After waiting around for a couple of minutes in the front of the store we decided to hit the road. I put the bagels back in the freezer section and put the eggs on the open frozen shelf containing pizzas.

Later that night I asked him what food he would have taken if it was terror related. He said some meat and canned foods. I said Powerbars, even though I don't like them.

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