Friday, January 25, 2008

Swimming with the big fish...

Sinco had a good life. He was with us for almost three years. He lived in West Hall, Spooner Hall, and our house. He visited with lots of people and did some great tricks. On more than one occasion we thought Sinco was a gonner. The most dramatic was when he jumped into the sink, then slithered down into the GARBAGE DISPOSAL. We really didn't want to have to flip the switch. Both Bill and I tried to coax Sinco into the net and out of the garbage disposal. I even tried to pick him up from inside of it. Luckily, Sinco realized the extent of his decision to jump in the sink and decided to hop (if fish hop) back into the net so he could go back into his bowl.

For the past month Sinco hadn't been eating much and just hung out at the bottom of his bowl. We new this day was coming. The day before he went he had his last vigorous swim around the bowl.

On Sunday morning Sinco took his last breath (if that is what fish do). He is now swimming with the big fish and his friend Gogi Lawrence. Sunday we were driving along the lake and looked up and saw a rainbow. I told Bill it was Sinco telling us he had a good life. We enjoyed your time with us too Sinco! Swim on!

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Haley said...

He was a good fish.