Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Recap Day 1 of Vacation

  • Walk Bill to work.
  • Say adios to Jim and Roberta as they head back home to Ann Arbor.
  • Call Household Appliances - because over the weekend our fridge stopped chilling.
  • Move all food from fridge to freezing cold mud room (good thing it was 12 degrees outside).
  • Call Pickles Sewer Service to have them rotorooter the sewer line.
  • Make banana bread.
  • Pickles returns the call say they can be over in a couple of minutes - EXCELLENT!
  • Clean up kitchen while Pickles works.
  • Surf on the internet.
  • Household Appliance guy arrives and says our freezer is frosted up because the defrosting thermometer crapped out. He doesn't have the part in the van or at the store...must wait until Tuesday. Remove all things from freezer and put in the freezing cold mud room.
  • Meanwhile...10:45 yoga goes by and 12:00 pilates is history.
  • 1:00 pick Bill up for lunch.
  • 2:00 bring Bill back to work.
  • Shovel snow
  • Surf on the internet, clean up the kitchen some more.
  • 3:00 CRAP! I need to read for class! And SHOWER!
  • 4:00 shower
  • 5:00 pick up Bill from work, decide class should not be attended while on VACATION!
  • Grocery shopping and a run to Menard's so I can work on my projects this week. Needed sand paper.
  • Dinner - For me: pizza made with sliced zucchini as the dough and Bill had the real stuff.

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