Thursday, September 04, 2008

Last night in class I was deleting files that I no longer need and found my "Summer To Do List". I created it on May 1.

  1. Plant a garden - done --sunflowers, tomatoes, zucchini, yellow squash, and marigolds

  2. Pick strawberries - done -- July 16

  3. Make strawberry jam - done -- July 17

  4. Swim in the lake - done -- a full moon dip in the lake and another two nights ago when it was 81 in the house.

  5. Have a real picnic

  6. Read a book - What Girls Learn (-), The Road (+), I Feel Bad About My Neck (-)

  7. Go to class. - 4 classes complete 10 credits--all A's

  8. Ride a century

  9. Climb the Benson grade - did this in the car, does that count?

  10. Drink lemonade - done, does lemonade mixed with beer count?

  11. Eat on a deck - done Justin and Amber's

  12. Go canoeing - done, several times, now that we have our old Thule rack back.

  13. Have a rummage sale - done, participated in a couple, sold some stuff from the front porch, and scored big at several.

  14. Watch fireworks - done 4th of July

  15. Go camping

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KristyB said...

Kudos on tackling your TO DO list and what a great list that was!