Friday, February 27, 2009

Day in the Life of a Snow Day
5:03pm the day before. Afraid to jinx the possibility of having a snow day I tell my fellow hopeful co-workers "see you sometime" as I leave the office. I don't want to say see you tomorrow or see you Monday.
5:15am Hear a plow truck drive by. Think to myself...maybe we'll have a snow day.
5:30 Call the BRRR line (227-BRRR) - Northern is operating under normal conditions.
Back to sleep
6:30 Alarm - Walt Lindala's voice "Maybe instead of saying what is closed today we should say what is open." Calling the BRRR line again at the same time I hear that NMU is closed today on the radio a different voice is saying that daytime and evening classes are cancelled at NMU on the BRRR.
6:31 Wide awake but should take advantage and at least snooze until the normal "get up time".
7:00 Wake up a little bit. Look out the window in my closet at the driveway. Can see parts of the concrete driveway, but can tell that it is pretty drifty. Decide to finish reading the weird book that I've been reading this week. --Julia's Chocolates --it is like reading the script for a Lifetime movie.
8:00 Consider having a White Russian to celebrate the snow day. Bill kindly brings me coffee while I'm in bed reading the last 90 pages of the weird book.
8:30 Smell bacon cooking. Still reading.
8:45 Eat a huge pancake and bacon while still reading in bed.
9:00 Finish book, decide to get up. Put on a winter hat and down booties and tromp downstairs.
10:40 Plow drives by and piles on 2 more feet of snow to the pile at the end of the driveway.

more udates soon

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