Sunday, February 15, 2009

We drove home from Bluefin Bay on Valentine's Day. It was really nice to get to Marquette before it got dark.
Neither Bill nor I get too hyped up for Valentine's.

My gift to Bill was reminding him to check the DVD player in the room before we left from Minnesota so he wouldn't leave one of his favorite movies-- Super Troopers .

His gift to me...not flowers, chocolates, or a massage. Even better...a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos!
We stopped at a gas station in Ashland, WI to get something to drink to go along with our ham and cheese pitas that we packed for the drive. I grabbed some A&W and he has a Diet Mountain Dew. The special surpise was the grab bag size of Cool Ranch Doritos --all for me. I savored them while we drove the rest of the way home--past Diorite, MI where I always think of Doritos whenever I see the sign for this tiny town. What a great Valentine's surprise!!

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