Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend Sewing
A relaxing weekend home with some new projects. I made one of Bill's co-workers some coffee cozys. She was at Carolyn's shower and wanted some for her friends. I told her I'd make her some if she bought the fabric. The fabric isn't what I would have chosen, but I think they turned out well and the fabric looks much better in the cozy than as a big chunk of fabric.
I decided to try out a pinwheel square. I had been nervous to try to make a square, but it was so much easier than I thought. I ended up making to 7 inch squares which are sewn together and put some cotton batting between to make a potholder. While I was at it I did some diagonal lines so it is quilty. I warned Bill it may not be for really hot stuff since the batting is rather thin. The fabric is leftover from the coffee cozys. I think it looks summery.
We probably got about 16 inches of snow in the last couple of days. We skied the trails around Harlow Lake on Friday after work. Haven't skied or been outside much the rest of the weekend. That's why I've been getting so much sewing done.

I'm working on taking my time more on the sewing so it doesn't look so crappy. I even ironed the fabric before sewing it this time.
Some people wash and dry the fabric before sewing with it. Maybe someday I'll do that. The coffee cozy pattern is from and the pinwheel directions are adapted from a quilt being made here:

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Lara said...

Super cute coffee cozies!

Hope that pinched nerve gets un-pinched soon!