Tuesday, March 31, 2009

AFTER (This is nearly the same view as the photo below. These are the two walls we built. Oh, and we put up a ceiling and I installed the light fixture.)

BEFORE, but after the pink and purple were gone. (Notice the white floor, green floor, and random toilet. There is no other plumbing near the toilet.)

The Basement

Holy crap. This basement has gone through a few transformations. There's even a date written in the concrete that says Sept 1917. From what I know, the floor was once dark green concrete. After the dark green is was painted a lovely Easter purple along with Easter pink walls. When we moved in one of the first things Bill did was paint the entire basement white. White you ask? Yup, WHITE. I didn't stop him.

We lived with white for almost two years. During the two years Bill realized that a white floor in the basement show a lot of dirt. A LOT OF DIRT. Especially when you are bringing dirty mountain bikes down there over 100 days of the year.

Earlier this winter...maybe Thanksgiving or Christmas or some other long weekend...we decided to put up some walls. We built 2 x 4 walls around the random basement toilet and built a wall between the furnace area and the first area that you see when you walk down the steps.

This last weekend while I was sewing in my special sewing area (below) Bill decided he wanted to lay the tile that we have had floating around the basement for, oh, 7 months or so.

So he did. AND he decided to paint the rest of the concrete floor BATTLESHIP GRAY! Amazing! Check out the progress in the basement.
(Tile and trim and new paint)


Lina@CollegeAve said...

it's lookin' good! Bill and i were actually talkin' about the project yesterday. :)

cindi said...

It looks great, I LOVE the battleship gray color!