Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Flowers from Last Year:
  • Mammouth Sunflowers - worked great, planted from seed, started inside, may put them in different spots this year...next to the "No Parking Here to Corner" sign and next to the telephone pole.
  • Marigolds - worked well, lots of blooms, planted from seed, started inside- probably will do less of these. Will keep them around the tomatoes to keep the bugs away.
  • Coneflowers- I have tried these three times from see and only get one leaf to grow and about an inch tall. I have ordered some bulbs of a mixture of coneflowers--we'll see how that works.
  • Nasturtium (pictured above) - I put these in the pots on the back steps. I like the leaves better than the flowers. These edible flowers are climbers and I'm trying to find a new spot for them--front porch??
  • Irises - Last fall I split the bulbs up and re-planted them along the garage. Last week I saw sprouts of the irises popping up near where the rain barrel goes.
  • Daisy/Black Eyed Susan clumps - I got these perennials from Shopko on clearance and if they come back it will be a special bonus.
  • Daylilies/Daisys - from our neighbor Paula. She dug 'em up and brought them over, so I planted them. Again, will be a special bonus.
  • Tulips - I planted about 100 bulbs last fall. Some in the very front of the house (40), some near the non-producing blueberry patch, some in the back yard.
  • Front porch - Zinnias a couple of years ago, can't remember last year's flowers. Need something drought resistant up there becaus of the HOT afternoon sun.
  • I planted something in the big blue pots that are along the foundation of the house. The first summer in the house I planted Zinnias and they were GREAT! I didn't really plant them though-- they were in cheap hanging baskets and I took off the hangers and set the plastic basket in the blue pot.

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