Thursday, April 02, 2009

Easy April Fool's

  • At work: connect 30 paper clips together for office worker who uses them daily.

  • At work: turn up volume on telephone ringers.

  • At work: tape down the telephone hanger-upper, or put tape over the voice area.

  • At work: change the speed of the mouse on the computer...extra slow or extra fast.

  • At work: tell boss you are going for that job in the other department. (hope they don't celebrate or offer to be a reference right after announcement.)

  • Close to retirement but not really ready to retire? E-mail office to announce retirement in 1 month. (Hope office doesn't celebrate immediately.)

  • Already announced retirement? Rescind announcement.

  • Recently had a baby? Tell your significant other that while he/she was gone baby said "mamma/dadda."

Some of these were suggested...some completed. The 2009 Birthday April Fool's Pictures for Bill's Birthday will follow...

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