Thursday, April 09, 2009

Transition to Digital Broadcasting

When we moved out of the REZ we opted out of cable tv and satellite tv. We tried a few different antennas, none really made TV-watching great.

About a month ago we got rid of the last antenna which looked like a 5-foot long plastic covered 2x4 that had to be balanced between the closet door frame and the window frame then connected to the TV with a coax cable.

We've been renting movies from the PWPL. We rented the first season of 24. Big mistake. It sucked up a big chunk our our lives. "Nina, I need a new line, patch me through." Seriously. 24 hours of a TV show doesn't seem that bad but when you start watching it you can't stop. Big life-sucker. 24 costs $1 and you can renew it for free. The rental is good for one week.

We rented Colors United --about a group of teens in the Watts neighborhood in California. It was pretty good and it was free.

Bill rented Nostradamus, The Lost Book and The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. He fell asleep while watching them I got to watch them in their entirety.

A while back we rented season one of Northern Exposure. I think the next time we're at the library we'll rent season two. It is a satisfying show...divided into episodes, it doesn't leave you hanging, and it doesn't take 24 freeking hours to watch a season.

We have an HDTV just too lazy to get an antenna and aren't missing too much on the tube. We use to watch The Biggest Loser, Two and a Half Men, and some nerdy science comedy show. I can't remember what it was called. It had two people that used to be on Roseanne though.

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