Sunday, June 14, 2009

Rummage Sale Report - finally a good weekend!

Dansko Shoes Sz 38 - $2
When we got to North Bay Townhomes (the place that I had the dream about) I turned left and Bill spotted these shoes--just my size. Dansko's are usually around $100. These were maybe worn 3 times and the lady who sold them was very nice.

Wicker Chair and Cushion - $10
I got this chair on Prospect Street. I thought about the chair for a minute and then forked over $10. I carried it across the street to where Bill was checking out a bike. I set the chair down and one of my rummage sale competetors walked up to find out if I was selling it--nope, I beat her to the bargain.

Eddie Bauer Ice Scraper Plus Mitten - $1
I picked up this ice scraper from the North Bay Townhomes as well. It still had the price tag on it from Eddie Bauer. It is a down mitten with the ice scraper inside. I'm sure I'll use it next winter.

Ann Taylor Dress - 50 cents
This dress is also from Prospect Street. It was the only piece of women's clothing that was set out. I went back later to see if there were any more clothes for sale--nope.


cindi said...

Great deal on the shoes!!! $2.00, what a find! I love the chair, mit and dress also...good job

Anonymous said...

OK, I'm coming up! Great finds!

Donna Boucher said...

You did great!!! Love that dress and those shoes!