Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving dinner (lunch) with Bill's parents followed by a nice walk around town.
Linda carved the turkey, Bill made the cheesy broccoli casserole (white dish), and I tried making gravy again (green dish).
We drove down to New Holstein on Friday and made our regular visits to the bike shops on the way down:
DePere - The Bike Hub

We helped out on lots of projects--crossing many things off the list:
  • Putting the numbers on the house
  • Nailing the green trim to the back screen porch
  • Eating pizza and drinking beer (they have Fat Tire and Bill's fav: Mothership Whit at the NH Piggly Wiggly.
  • Putting up drywall in the basement
  • Putting up the boards for the shelves
  • Pulling wire for the screen porch electrical
  • Taking the railing to Andy's for varnish
  • Setting up the new cell phones
  • Eating cornbread stuffing, white chili, and leftover Thanksgiving dinner
  • Starting to put up the tounge and groove ceiling in the screen porch

I need to get the homemade pickles out of the car -- we left them out there last night...

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