Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sunday morning we went to a SWAP party. Getting rid of stuff that we didn't want anymore and getting some stuff that other people didn't want any more.

Coffee, breakfast breads, bagels, and fruit and STUFF.

We now have 2 new DVD's, 2 new cook books, several other books, I have a pair of pants (wearing them at work today), a jacket for work, and some summer tops.

This may be a 6-month tradition of getting and getting rid. The leftovers were donated to Goodwill or another local shop.
This lamp and its twin may be available for swap this summer...unless I find or make lampshades for it.


Rebecca said...

I'm sorry we missed it. Hopefully the SWAP party will be a 6 month tradition :)

Haley said...

Definitely...you never know what might be there!

cindi said...

I LOVE those lamps!!!! you know how I am with lamps....

Anonymous said...

Great idea. Like the lamps. Go to that second hand place we saw that table. I bet they have some.
Measure the top.