Saturday, May 15, 2010

Copper Sauce Pans

We may or may not have gotten a box full of copper sauce pans like these for $5. They have much more "patina" than the ones pictured. Also the lids have handles like the actual pans. We're going to research a bit more and decide whether to clean them up or not. Any thoughts?


Lina in the U.P. said...

my grandma still uses her copper pots. i love 'em and they seem to hold up so well. she's had them for forever!

Lara said...

My pans have copper disks just on the bottom & I use Revere Copper & Stainless Steel Cleaner--works really well without a lot of scrubbing.

Peter said...

sometimes when a bit of tomato based sauce runs down the side of the pan it takes off the burnt on stuff and leaves only copper shining on my Revere pans. Might want to try a little experiment on the bottom of one.