Thursday, August 19, 2010

The gardens were going crazy a couple weeks ago. Last weekend I yanked out the Nasturtiums and tons of weeds.

I dug up about 10 gallons of irises from a friends house that I need to find a place for this weekend...

Next year:
  • More Zinnias, taller ones with the Only the Lonely Tall Nicotine in combination with pink Cosmos
  • No Asters
  • Strawflowers were fine, just need to clump them together more.
  • Rudebekia were good
  • Zinnias were great clumped together
  • Nasturtium had flowers when everything else was still green.
  • The little white plants were nice and spread quite a bit.

  • No tomatoes?
  • Yes jalapenos
  • Yes cukes
  • No squash?
  • Yes basil
  • Maybe vegetables mixed in with the regular flower beds along the south side of the house.

  • The flowers in the raised bed are planted over the daffodils.

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Anonymous said...

I highly recommend getting one mature tomato plant to plant early. I mean one with little green tomatoes on it. That plant will get you some tomatoes early, while a couple others are catching up and producing.