Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This weekend we visited a camp/cottage on Rabbit Bay in the Keweenaw:
Look to the top of the pointy part, then look down the eastern side of the peninsula until a dark splotch sticks out. That is the island that you see below. We were on the sandy beach looking at the island.
When we got back into town I did a few internet searches for camps/cottages. There's a nice one up near Copper Harbor in a town(?) called Bete Grise
To search for properties in the Keweenaw click on the map then click on the furthest northern county.

There's another UP realestate website that will knock your socks off: . I guess I'd live in one of the homes for sale if I had to. Check out the one on Waldo St. in Marquette. I'd live there.

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