Friday, October 08, 2010

Weekend Plans:
  • Bikes, beach, chili, dessert (Friday)
  • Night ride with lights (Friday or Saturday)
  • Begin raking leaves
  • Use camera (now that battery is charged)
  • Harlow Lake Cabins
  • Clean disaster room
  • Pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting?
  • Bike ride/race, photos
  • Beef stew?


emily said...

pawtoberfest-humane society
cc homecoming
movie watching
clean house/laundry
long walks with doggie
eat yummy food!

andrea said...

Weekend plans:
Maybe see Dad by Saturday night
Elkart Lake Farmer's Market
Lay in the sun-83 degrees right now
Mow the yard
Pick our pumpkins
Definitely make pumpkin bars
White Chili
Take a bike ride or two!
Wash and hang stuff on the line-mmm, smells so good.