Sunday, December 12, 2010

December Daily - 12

Fish sandwich for lunch.  I think today would have been a snow day if it was a weekday.  Bill says he might take up fishing to catch what we eat.  Saturday morning we went to Thill's and picked up a walleye filet, two lake trout, and two small whitefish fillets.  We talked to the fish guy for a little while and he said they don't go too far off shore to get to 150 feet which is where they fish.  We had the walleye yesterday.  Are these all caught in Lake Superior?  How far off shore?  Do you need to go in a bigger boat than our canoe?  I think Thill's uses nets to catch their fish and they have special licenses for this. 

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Lina in the U.P. said...

If you guys want fish, let me know. Whenever I go out, I'll just bring it to ya if I catch a keeper.

And, if you want to know about fishing, I'd love to talk about it!