Sunday, December 19, 2010

December Daily - 19
Marquette, MI Clementine Report 2010

Saturday 12/11/10 - 1 bag Cuties purchased at Econo Foods  - Delicious, all 20 minus 4 were eaten by Haley.  The others 2 were eaten by Bill, 2 were given to Haley's co-workers.
Friday 12/17/10 - A return trip to Econo to find the identical item yeided no Cuties Clementines.
Friday 12/17/10 - Rumor that Cuties were available at Super One Foods means a Marquette rush hour trip near the mall is in order.  No Cuties there, but Ocean Spray Spanish Clementines that look a lot like Cuties are available.  We buy one bag, and sample one just outside the checkout.  Quite good.  Haley goes to get the car while Bill goes back into the store and buys two more bags of Ocean Spray Spanish Clementines.
Saturday 12/18/10 - Haley recalls in her reading about the availability of Cuties that the place that starts with a W may have Cuties.  After eating two Ocean Spray Spanish Clementines they head to the place that starts wtih W, arriving before it is light outCuties are spotted.  They look bigger that the type purchased a week before at Econo.  2 bags of Cuties Clementines purchased at the place that starts with W.

Clementine Ranking
1 - Small California Cuties purchased at Econo
2 - Ocean Spray Spanish Clementines purchased at Super One Foods
3 - Medium California Cuties purchased at the place that starts with W

Intersting Facts
-Bill's first clementine was eaten on Friday, December 17th.  The last day that the Econo Cuties were in our house.
-The most clementines eaten in a day so far was 5.
-No negative effects have occurred from the quantity of clementines eaten in the last week.
-The current number of bags of clementines in our house: 5.
-Average number of clementines per bag: 20.
-Haley can peel the clementine in one spiral.
-Highest price paid for the bag of clementines - Econo original bag.
-Bill says "You can eat like 10 of 'em and not feel like you've eaten like 10 oranges."  "It's perfect."
-Haley says "These have replaced the huge Honey Crisp Apple consumption of previous years." Bill agrees.
-Number of times we've sung Oh My Darling - 7.
-We now pronounce clementeen like they do in the song.


Mom said...

We only saw Ocean Spray in a box. We have some great oranges from FFA.

Lara said...

I looked for the Cuties at Econo tonight, no luck :(