Monday, March 07, 2011

We ate our first Girl Scout Cookies this weekend.  It was one sleeve of the peanut butter sandwich cookies --Do-si-dos.  I found the unopened sleeve of cookies while walking home from the builders show at the dome.  I ate a few and didn't tell Bill that I found them in the snow until after he ate a few.  We laughed.  He probably would have left them in the snow.

What would you do? 
  • Leave them. (X)
  • Bring them home and throw them away. (X)
  • Bring them home and eat them all yourself.
  • Bring them home share only with family. (X, X, X)
  • Bring them home, put them on a plate and share with others.
Would you tell people that you found them?  Before or after they ate the cookies?

Would it depend on the flavor of cookie?
 If Samoas maybe. - Jana


Jana said...

Well considering where you live I guess it was ok to eat it. I would not have eaten them, I would have thrown them away when I got home. Who knows what crazy people do in this world. Could have had anthrax on it! I guess I might consider it if they were carmel delights aka samoa's.

Haley said...

If they were Samoas I wouldn't have shared them.:)

Bill said...

I would've walked right by...

Mom said...

I would have brought them home-shared them with Dad!

cindi said...

i would have brought them home & shared them with my family. i think it's hilarious you didn't tell bill until after he ate them!!