Sunday, April 03, 2011

Bill's Birthday AND April Fool's

Later in the afternoon one of my co-worker's sons called and left a voicemail thanking Bill and informing him that a certificate would be mailed to him recognizing his efforts keeping the sidewalk clear.

This makes a lot of sense that the post office would recognize us.  We work like crazy to keep the sidewalks clear.  Shoveling in the morning, quickly clearing a path at lunch to the mailbox, and again in the evening.

The fake post office guy even said the RAIN, SLEET, SNOW blurb. " of the top three sidewalks for the 2010-2011 winter." Because of your efforts we can "be all we can be".  This didn't throw him off at all!

The funny/sad part was Bill called and told me that he had something to make my day better--to listen to his voicemail.  When I got home from work he kept saying how the post office voicemail was the best part of his birthday.  He thought he knew which post office worker had called and left the message--recognizing the voice.  I kept it going..."Which other sidewalks do you think were recognized?"  I pointed out probably the library and hospital...but we were probably number one in the residentials.  I asked him if he thought we'd get a book of stamps or something along with the certificate...his mom said hopefully it would be a roll of stamps!  I couldn't let him down on his birthday by telling him it was an April Fool, so it continued to Saturday!  We heard the mailman delivering the mail during lunch and I asked if he thought the certificate would be in the mail that day.  Then we saw the mailman walking down the street and we quickly went inside --to avoid weird interaction after being recognized. 

Oh man!  I had to tell him sometime!  I worked on the certificate below while he was in the basement working on bikes.  Saturday night I told him that I had some bad news--and asked him if he knew what it was.  He thought maybe the e-mail from the university president Friday afternoon was an April Fool.  Nope, but on the right track. 

I told him.  He was a little disappointed--saying we SHOULD be recognized.  He said that it was probably better than the April Fool birthday cake a couple years ago. 

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