Monday, July 11, 2011

Don't pay attention to the telephone pole, huge snowbanks, or the absolutely clear sidewalks, or the blue sky.  I was searching today for a picture of the house that would show the bracket things that are along the roof.  See them?  We're getting them painted today and tomorrow and the look AMAZING!  We stuck with white in a paint by Sherwin Williams that is said to be guaranteed a lifetime.  What?!  Seriously?! 

One of our friends who is in construction has a long ladder and some spare time so he's scraping and painting.  Not only scraping and painting though, he even covered the flowers below the brackets with a tarp so the garden beds are not filling with paint chips! 

You can also pay attention to the tips of the two Colorado Blue Spruce trees in the front yard --Bill thinks they have grown 18 inches this summer. I think we'll pull out the measuring tape tonight to see just how much new-growth there is on the two trees.


emily said...

can't wait to see the progress!

Anonymous said...

22 inches...measured!