Monday, September 12, 2011

I was in a work clothes rut--sick of my Monday through Friday choices.  So I have changed it up--Themed clothes week.  Sometimes others in my office join in for a day or two.  This week is Stripes Week.  I have 4 days of outfits ready to go --just need to be creative for the 5th day -- might even need to make something!

Themed clothes weeks:
1) Cardigan Week August 8-August 12
2) Scarf Week August 15-August 19
3) Dress Week August 22-August 27 (six summer dresses!)
4) Green and Gold Week August 29-Sept 2 (first week of school)
5) Skirt Week September 5-September 9 (only four needed)
6) Stripes Week September 12-September 16
7) Collared Shirt Week September 19-September 23

Any ideas for upcoming weeks?


Mom said...

GAP week
Patagonia week
Black and white week
Scarf week
Hat week

emilyr said...

50's week (60's,70's 80's etc)
rainbow week (mon=red,tues=orange,etc
garage sale week
college week (dress like college)
only cotton week
sweater week