Monday, September 10, 2007

Bill woke up on Sunday morning saying that the weekend was too short. Friday night we celebrated our third anniversary by going out to dinner where we had our first date, The Northland Pub. We walked up Front Street and when we got to the Landmark the pub was packed. The hostess suggested we have a drink in the lobby. That is just what we did.
We each had a pint of the Centennial IPA as we sat in the lobby of the Landmark. The beer was strong! Now that I have done a little bit of research on the beer, I know why we felt like CRAP all day Saturday after having 3 pints of this beer. The beer is 7.2% alcohol compared to Sierra Nevada, which is 5.6% and Coors Light, which is 4.2%! Jeesh! I found all of this cool info at
Saturday we went out to Walker Furniture to see about out futon frame warranty. Our fancy August Lotz futon frame split when we were folding it down for company last weekend. Judith was so friendly and helpful, we couldn't believe the customer service! I hope that the guy who comes to check it out for the service call is as pleasant! Saturday afternoon Bill went mountain biking with Peter, Andy, Chip, Nick, and Ryan in South Marquette. Then he and Peter did another loop out on the Noquemanon Trail.
Sunday was chilly outside so I made some chili. We ran to Econo to get some groceries and stopped by Jeremy and Kimber's new house on the way back. They are making so much progress. I am sure they are ready to be done working and ready to relax. They've replaced the carpeted floor with hardwood, replaced the linoleum with cool fieldstone looking tile, replaced kitchen and bathroom countertops, appliances/fixtures, replaced lighting, and painted. I'm sure I'm missing more of the work they've done. They have done it all in about 4 weeks! Crazy! I dropped off some chili for the two of them later that night.
Bill did much more than I did this weekend. I did a little shopping: bought new curtains for the living room, bought a dress, and bought a bulletin board that I hung some of my jewelery on, made chili, and started a new book, "While I Was Gone".
Now it is Monday. This week we're going to get the internet hooked up at home!

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