Friday, September 28, 2007

I got back to work just in time for more BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!

Birthdays are celebrated in the FAO. I was never really into celebrating birthdays. Not mine, not even much when I'm at home, let alone at work. Someone brings a cake, everyone stops working and goes to the meeting room, we all sing, and then eat cake.

Scott always eats the most cake and the pieces with the most frosting. Conversation goes, "Who wants the first piece?" (usually a corner) Everyone looks to Scott. He eats the cake in 3-4 bites as other pieces of cake are passed around the table. People talk about the frosting. Today it was a whipped frosting.

Others slowly eat their piece of cake, careful not to get frosting on their face or hands as they will soon return to work.

There are usually several pieces left after everyone has had theirs. Scott and Mike go in for round two on the heavy frosting pieces.

Conversations lead to, "So, do you have any special plans for your birthday?" yadda yadda yadda.

Birthdays...I've never been in to celebrating them, but I sure do enjoy the cake!
Thanks Econo for letting me use your cake picture!

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