Friday, September 28, 2007

Ah yes. Money matters. Got money on the mind this morning.

To have it, or not to have it. Why do many of us feel that we need what we want, and not necessarily have the peace of mind to similarly want what we need? Contentment is an elusive animal. I've had these types of abstract rantings on my mind for the passed month or so. Even had a few conversations with folks about how to arrive at a place where you are balanced, content, and enjoying the attainments you've been fortunate enough to procure. All this as opposed, let's say, to having all you once wanted (and still want) but always keeping they eyes open for the next "thing"...of course only to realize that the securing of said "thing" only brings you around full circle.

Many of us live for the "chase", the "hunt". Once the "catch" is caught, we enjoy it...but soon thereafter afix our gaze on the next "catch". The "catch" is many things to many people...
After a large meal, the last thing I want is more food or beer. How can I learn to translate that satiation to other "things" I want to need?

All apologies for the tacky metaphors to illustrate such a deceivingly simple point.
Enough blogging for me for Hale's absence I've gone a little overboard. I'm sure she'll restore pleasantry to the blog. Oh yeah...did I mention that she's back!? ;-)

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