Monday, September 17, 2007

It was a beautiful weekend in Marquette, the sky was blue, the temperatures were moderate and nearly warm! Today it is supposed to be in the 70's! YES!!!

I went to the Fall Harvest Craft Show with Kimber and got some things...bracelet and some gifts. We were there for three hours and I was exhausted when I got home! Whew!

Saturday afternoon Bill and I went on a shopping extravaganza. We finally got a rug for the dining room, end "tables" for the living room, lights for the kitchen, dining room, and bathroom, and some other stuff. I think we are done shopping for a while! Bill also got his first pair of jeans in 8 years--and he got 2 pair! I had never seen him wear blue jeans.

Bill went for a bike ride with Peter, Andy, Chip, and John Justin in the morning and I read and installed some under cabinet lights for the kitchen. The third time was the charm with the lights. We had tried two sets of battery-powered lights that didn't put off nice light and the batteries died quickly. This time we bought some that you plug in. They did, however, require quite a bit more assembly. I had to actually build the plug and cut the wires. Well, they turned out great! The light is warm and they have lasted at least one day.

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