Wednesday, September 26, 2007


OK. Got the bike last night. the box was mutilated, but the bike sustained no damage, thankfully.

I thought that it would only take about an hour to get everything dialed in. WAS I WRONG! I was wrenching on the bike for probably four hours, maybe a little less. Many many many adjustments were made: cut the handlebars, add spacers under the stem, change seatpost, change seatpost, dial in brake alignment, change grips, replace el-cheeapo skewer, etc. I spend so much time on my bikes that I find it sifficult to get a new bike properly dialed in an hour. I did get to ride to last night and it feels pretty good...a totally different ride than my Stumpjumper. A good different...but not an everyday kind of bike.

Anyhow, the bike is done being tweaked for the most part. I will take it for another jaunt this evening, perhaps out to Harlow Lake, to see how it handles the truly excellent singletrack out there.

Hale is in Marinette until tomorrow. I think I'll have to clean the house tonight so it looks nice when she gets back. Needless to say, I neglected my house cleaning duties last night. Watch out!

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