Saturday, April 25, 2009

L'Attitude Marquette, MI This is an updated review of L'Attitude in Marquette. I get a lot of hits to the blog with people looking for info on the restaurant/bar. The menu consists of breakfasts, lunches, appetizers, dinners, and desserts. We usually get appetizers and drinks. Breakfasts include cinnamon rolls, muffins, french toast, fresh fruit, lattes, and more. The appetizers range from fig bruschetta to amazing homemade warm potato chips topped with sour cream, bacon, and chives. Lunches and dinners are sandwiches, steaks, pasta, homemade pot pie, and more.

We go to L'Attitude about every two weeks or so. Sometimes we sit inside and sometimes we sit out on the patio.

When we opt for the patio we use a system for ordering. We order our drinks at the bar, pay for the number of drinks that we plan to have and go sit outside with our friends. This system is much more efficient than braving the crowded patio and waiting for service out there.

Saturday afternoon we took a cruiser bike ride along the bike path and stopped for an early evening beer. We were worried that the restaurant was going to be Prom-ified. There were a few tables of non-Prom people having late lunches or early dinners. All of the leather couches and seats by the windows facing the lake were open. We sat and had each had a Huma IPA. I guess it is the only place in Marquette that serves Huma on tap. It is STRONG and I always sleep like crap after drinking it.

We've eaten food at L'Attitude a few times--usually appetizers. They are hit or miss. Seems like you can't go wrong with something that has bacon in it. Bill has had a burger there with friends and said it was good. The first time we went we had a weird experience--and had an okay dessert. The restaurant is getting more comfortable the more we go and the more we figure it out.

We enjoy the atmosphere--seemingly original floors with hexagonal tile floors and beautiful woodwork (done by Rachel Harris's husband). I'm pretty sure the counter at the bar is concrete. One of the really nice features at the bar is the hook for purses. I was sitting there one evening and thought, it would be really great if they had one of those hooks for purses and there it was! Another thing that I noticed yesterday is they have acoustic panels hanging high up in the ceiling. With all of the hard surfaces in the room it could be really loud and clangy, but they've discretely hung the panels to quiet the area.
The patio is nice when it isn't too crowded. But when we want to sit out there the weather is usually nice and everyone else has the same idea. We usually ride our bikes and lock them to the parking railing.

The owner is nice and talks with people on nights that he's there and socializing. It seems like they might be bringing in a new staff person or two to smooth out a couple of the kinks that they've discovered during their first year.
46* I'm pretty sure they've got an additional room set up in the back as a wine bar or cash bar? I haven't seen it open yet, but a second bar area would be a bonus--especially when the patio gets crowded.
What they really need is a website!


Haley said...

I've been back a few times and would rather go other places. I've been there for beer, coffee, and appetizers on different occasions.

I don't have the taste for their coffee. I ordered a latte and it was okay.

The beer was good --lots of different flavors of beer than you can get other places in MQT. The service each time has just been okay.

I had some of the fig bruschetta and it was presented well. The potato skin things with bacon look delicious.

We're going to head there again this weekend. I guess that tells you something about it...L'Attitude offers a different environment and different tastes than other restaurants in town. I'll try to bring my camera this time and post again.

Haley said...

We went to L'Attitude last night. We did appetizer extravaganza. Bruschetta, potato skins with bacon, black bean and corn with homemade tortilla chips, and lobster pasta.

We started out with the black bean and corn salds with tortilla chips. The salsa seemed too cold--straight out of the refrigerator. The chips were pretty tasty. The salsa was BLAND.

The lobster, potato stuff, and bruschetta arrived next. The potato things were delicious. Hot, salty, sour cream, chives, and BACON! The bruschetta, again, was too cold--slices of fresh mozarella, (bad)tomato, sprinkled with basil on bread that was too old and tough.

emily said...

I judge a bar/eatery by if they have purse hooks or not. That and how long I have to wait for a beer. I can be patient if I have something to drink while I wait.

Haley said...

L'Attitude now has a website:

Anonymous said...

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