Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Rummage Sale Season

I've started seeing signs along Third Street advertising rummage sales and garage sales--but only a few.

I'm going to try to post pictures of the things that we have in our house that we either got from:

1) a rummage sale
2) the curb-side drop
3) given to us
4) bought second-hand

We have A LOT of this stuff.
The picture includes:
  • Fireplace - bought of the back of a guy's truck near Family Video.
  • Chair (also called "the seat of power" because this winter it had the best wireless reception) - bought at a sale, the Vierling owner's house. This chair has a label on it and when I researched the name, it was made by the company now known as Ethan Allen.
  • Side table - left over by previous resident director, not wanted by new resident director.
  • Ottoman - from the Old Bank Building Antique Store. I covered it with some fabric -- it is really baby blue vinyl.
  • Ceramic coffee mug - Goodwill


cindi said...

I love rummage sale season! I just grabbed (actually Aubri did) a croquet set from someones curb - they had put it out with their garbage last Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

The whole town of New Holstein had a city wide rummage sale last weekend. About 50.

cindi said...

i love the chairrrrr! ~aubri