Friday, January 16, 2009

Inclement Weather Days!
Having one inclement weather day is nice. Having two is amazing. Yesterday Bill and I got up as usual, got ready for work, and raced out the door a little behind schedule. We pulled into a nearly empty Hedgcock parking lot. Gerri's Subaru was there, Jim's car was there, and there were a few cars at the entrance of the parking lot--probably Health Center employees.

I thought we were running late and then thought, seems like lots of people are running late. I grabbed my tea and shoes and headed towards the door. As we got to the door the red light for the card swiper was lit--normally it is green. Sure enough, Bob was doing laps around the circle hallway and opened the door for us. We jokingly asked if classes were cancelled--he said "yeah, didn't you call the BRRR line?" --nope.

I went into my office, grabbed my computer, then called the BRRR line. Sure enough, the university was closed on Thursday.

We chatted with Dan Dermier for a few minutes then decided to go to The Buck for some coffee. The nice baristas gave us a full-size sample of the Roobis Latte, which we brought to our dear friend Jeremy, who was working hard at the funeral home.

Errands were run, lunch was eaten. I planned to do some sewing and cleaning, neither of which happened. Instead I surfed the internet for 4 hours. Found a cool blog about a guy re-doing his house-- which I read from the beginning--2005.

I called Carolyn to wish her a happy birthday. She and Bill got to have weather-induced days off on their 30th birthdays. Here was Bill's

We made pizza for supper and were in bed by 9:30. At 1:30am the city workers were finally taking away the huge snow piles in front of our house. We were beginning to run out of places to pile the snow. Annoyed with the constant beeping from a huge truck in reverse, but happy that the piles were disappearing, I tried to fall back to sleep.

At 5:30am Bill got up and checked the computer--ANOTHER INCLEMENT WEATHER DAY! I was so excited I could hardly fall back to sleep. But I did. Until 8:00. It was wonderful.

Today we went and got coffee at The 'Buck. Had breakfast, then I sewed and sewed. Bill is working on bikes. What an AMAZING day. What a way to start the weekend! Even though we both have signed on to work a bit this weekend--Bill tomorrow morning and me Sunday night.

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