Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Signs of Spring (even though we'll probably still get a couple more big snow storms)

  1. Lars (the 5 year old who lives down the street) pedaling his John Deere tractor down the sidewalk.

  2. Crocuses actually blooming along the house (picture soon).

  3. Tulips pushing through the ground.
  4. People wearing shorts and tank tops (it's only 55 degrees people!)

  5. A skunk in our neighbor's garage.

  6. Ice melt rivers down the sidewalks.

  7. Everybody riding bikes!

  8. Frosty Treats is OPEN!
  9. It is light outside until 8:30.

  10. Chipmunks are out.

1 comment:

nate walker said...

thanks for those links, those bikes are great, exactly what we're looking for. I wonder if you can add training wheels? Thanks so much for looking into the bike matter-