Thursday, March 12, 2009

Weddings and Kids
From someone who didn't do a fancy wedding ($25 in the Marquette courthouse followed by pizza at the Portside) it seems like the most fun part of having a fancy wedding is creating a registry.

...Same thing with having a baby. Pregnancy seems to be contagious around NMU right now. When Carolyn was pregnant I created a fake registry of baby stuff that I would register for. I didn't research recalls or read many reviews (yes I read a couple and took Carolyn's recommendation on the car seat). It was fun to do. I didn't have a budget in mind and just chose things that looked cool. I chose a high chair, baby furniture, some bedding, and some other stuff. After a while, though, it got boring. Here it is. I'm pretty sure I went gender-neutral. (I also faked a name, Sarah Lawrence.)

I have a "save the date" magnet on my refrigerator and recently looked up the registry for the couple. Kohls, the place that starts with W, and Target.

I think I'm going to make a registry or a few for myself. You know, just for fun. I think I'll register at Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn or Peir 1, and Target --but it all depends on the ease of creating the registry.
EDIT: PEIR 1 doesn't do registries.
EDIT 2: Williams-Sonoma Kitchen and Cooking Related Registry Here - may have to search Haley Rhoades, Michigan
EDIT 3: Pottery Barn Bathroom, Bedroom, and Table Registry Here - may have to search Haley Rhoades, Michigan
**I didn't register at Macy's but would have selected one of the "Expanded Sets" of the fine china. That stuff is a rip off if you buy it per place setting.

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