Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Lina did it. So I'm doing it too.
On our drive back from Ann Arbor the sun was setting as we drove along the lake.

Bill was driving and I was hanging out the window taking the shots between Munising and Lakewood Lane. It made the last 50 miles go quick.

When we got to Marquette it was the moon that was making the appearance:

Founders Landing May 27 Full Moon


Lina in the U.P. said...

i LOOOOOVE the moon photo. the blues are beautiful!

thanks for the shout.

Rebecca said...

Beautiful! You are so artistic!

emily said...

yes I have these for my wall

Lara said...

great shots!

abigail said...

Reminds me that I have to plan a trip to the other side of Michigan very, very soon!