Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Heating Costs

We got our electronic SEMCO bill (gas bill) today for December--it was $109 and ten dollars less than last year during the same time period.  Semco keeps really nice information on their website that can be easily exported to Excel...

I was plesantly surprised that our TOTAL heating charges for 2010 were $617.85.  Pretty crazy if you think about it...average of about $52 per month and we live where it is winter 6 months of the year.  --And our windows are old and our the insulation in our walls seems to be slim. 

So...considering people generally do big insulation and window projects to save money with heating...would we save that much?  Probably not, but we could really crank the heat up in our house.


emily said...

wow! i need to do that.

Mom said...

I think you could turn it up 2 degrees, spend 650 a year and feel cozy!