Friday, January 07, 2011

We're working on a refrigerator and cupboard clean-out.  This is not the current state of the fridge, this was April 1, 2010...Bill's birthday.

Things to eat...
Fish and cole slaw (cabbage) tonight - dinner
Lentil Soup with Rotel tomatoes - weekend dinner
Pizza - pesto, pasta sauze, mozz, feta, red onion - dinner
Boca burgers and pickles - dinner
Ham - lunches, dinner with rice and veg. - dinner
Pasta - dinner
Black beans as nachos - weekend lunch
Soup and sandwiches/bagels and cream cheese - weekday lunch
Pita and carrots and hummus - lunch or sampler platter
Bagels - breakfasts and lunches
Cinnamon rolls - weekend breakfast
Pancakes - weekend breakfast or dinner
Chex cereal - breakfast or snack
V8 - snack

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emily said...

wow! your fridge is full. we are working on filling ours up. we are disagreeing about what to fill it with... now i have some good ideas :)